Wind Quintet Concerts

Below you will find highlights of some of the public Wind Quintet Concert’s that the Quintet have coming up. To view previous concerts, please visit this page.

Atéa Wind Quintet Concerts

Some highlights of upcoming events include:

25th Sep 2017, 12:15Venue: Iwaki Alios Performing Arts CentreJapan, 〒970-8026 Fukushima Prefecture, Iwaki, Taira, 字三崎1−6
Programme: Japan Tour 2017 - Iwaki Recitals
  • Briccialdi Quintet
  • Bozza Trois Pièces Pour Une Musique De Nuit 
  • Poulenc Nocturne
  • Taffanel Quintet


Want the Atéa Wind Quintet to perform for you?

Are you a concert promoter who wants something slightly different from the usual String Quartets, Pianists and Violinists? We have many years experience performing for Music Clubs and Societies up and down the entire UK. If so please get in touch here to see if we can perform a Wind Quintet Concert for you. Alternatively, are you an avid fan and want us to perform us near you? If so get in touch with us here or over on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Interested in getting the Atéa Wind Quintet to perform a piece you have written?

Have you written a piece for a Wind Quintet? Would you like us to perform it? We are always actively seeking new pieces to add and expand our already rich repertoire. We have performed many new works in the past and are continuing to look for fantastic new additions to perform around the world. We always aim to play through and provide constructive feedback to any pieces that we are sent. Do get in touch if that would be of interest to you.

Would you like to help us lead the Wind Quintet into the future?

If you are a composer/improviser/sonic artist/film maker/any other form of collaborator then we would love to hear from you! We are very interested as a group in seeing what the Wind Quintet can become and believe that we must always strive to further our music making by exploring new, exciting ventures. We are especially interested in working in a cross-disciplinary project, breaking down the boundaries to what we do and hopefully getting the opportunity to demonstrate to new audiences the real value in the work we undertake. If this has piqued your interest or you have an idea for a new project that might involve us, please do get in touch.

Atea after a Wind Quintet Concert on a Spiral Staircase