Wind Quintet Wedding Music

Looking for some Wind Quintet Wedding Music?

The Atéa Wind Quintet has had many years of experience providing music for people’s special days. Please do read on for more information on the Quintet and its vast experience performing at Weddings.

Want a Wind Quintet for a corporate event?

With many years of experience providing the perfect background music for many varied events, the Atéa Wind Quintet are the perfect choice for your event. Please click here to go to our dedicated page for corporate clients.

“We both absolutely loved having you at our wedding. You performed fantastically, it was all exactly as we’d wanted it and I can only guess at the amount of work that you must have put in beforehand in arranging and rehearsing the pieces we’d asked for. Lots of guests commented on how much they’d enjoyed your music too. We had our official photos sent not long ago and I found myself wishing I’d recorded it too so I could hear it all again!”

Atea Wind Quintet Wedding Music

Can you provide Wind Quintet music for my Wedding?

Yes! We can! With a proven track record and many satisfied couples we have provided the music for countless Weddings. We truly love being there and getting to play a part in people’s special moments. The sound of a wind quintet beautifully sets the scene and bring a fairytale sparkle to your day. We are always professional, every step of the journey from Planning right through to when we depart from your event.

Why would I want a Wind Quintet?

A Wind Quintet can be the perfect musical accompaniment to your Wedding Day, as a group we have an incredibly versatile sound that can both blend into the background whilst your guests talk as well as leading them in a rousing tune during the ceremony but also gather people’s attentions and clearly signal the arrival of the Bride. All of this whilst being entirely unamplified and having minimal equipment to set up and taking up very little space.

We have a specific piece that we’d really like you to perform

That is not a problem, several members of the Quintet are also fantastic arrangers in their own right and can create beautifully crafted arrangements that are unique to you and your special day.

I am thinking of booking you to play at my Wedding

Fantastic! Please get in touch with us to discuss an absolutely no obligation quote. You may want to book sooner rather than later as we can get incredibly busy during the Wedding season. We respond as quickly as possible so you are not left wondering and can get answers to any queries that you may have.

“The email contact in the months before the wedding was greatly appreciated as well, it was really nice to have fast responses to our sometimes slightly ridiculous requests and I always felt very confident that you would be reliable and do a fantastic job on the day.”

Wind Quintet Wedding Music

Photograph courtesy of Stephen Bunn Photography