Recordings of Wind Quintet Music

Interested in Wind Quintet Music?  Below you will find some recordings of the Atéa Wind Quintet. We have a wide range of music suitable for any occasion be it Wedding, Birthday party or an evening’s recital.  On this page are a few small samples of our repertoire.  Please do click one of the play button below to hear some short snippets of the group performing.

Recordings of the Atéa Wind Quintet

This is a live recording of the group performing some Bizet at St Martin in the Fields in Trafalgar Square, London.  We feel this piece would be really well suited both as a recital work but also as enchanting background music at a stylish event or even at a Wedding reception.

This is a recording of the first movement of Briccialdi’s Wind Quintet.  Its Italian flair works very well in a recital context and never fails to delight audiences with its virtuosic wonders.

This is a recording of a new piece by Aaron Holloway-Nahum called ‘How to Avoid Huge Ships’ that we premiered at the Forge in Camden.  You can find out more about the piece here over on Aaron’s website. We sometimes like to really challenge our listeners with new and interesting works whilst always maintaining the accessibility of our performances.

NB, if you are having any issues what so ever in being able to hear these recordings, please do let us know over on this page.

There are currently several more tracks being mixed by our producer and we should have the final product with you any time now! Please do check back for an update in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, perhaps head over to our blog and have a read of what we’ve been up to.

Want more Wind Quintet music?

Then why not come along and see the Quintet in it’s natural environment doing what it does best, performing. We do recitals up and down the country so do take a look at our concerts page and find an event that we are performing at near you.  We can also provide Wind Quintet Music at your event, please either head over to our Weddings and Events page or just take the plunge and contact us to discuss any details at all over on our contact page. Wind Quintet Music